What is FaceOfScrum.org?

“Scrum is a framework”, they say, and they are right about it.

“To implement Scrum, read the Scrum Guide”, they also say, and they are right too.

But is that what makes Scrum?

What we often take for granted, I have noticed, are the people who take Scrum from the Guide and bring it to life within teams and organisations. It is “individuals and interactions over tools and processes” after all, and these are the people who do just that.

Who am I?

I am Matthew Croker, and I have been working with teams professionally for a number of years under the titles of a Team Lead, Scrum Master, Staff Engineer and also Agile Coach. My main focus has remained one and the same throughout: that of making the dynamics and organising structures within a team to function and sustain themselves, so that the team becomes performant to its full potential.

With experience I have grown to appreciate that Scrum is great in its simplicity, because it leaves room for individuality and adoption. With great freedom comes great responsibility, as we all know, and so I have also seen this freedom be used and abused to obfuscate old habits into ceremonies (literally) and “scrum” practices.

I have also been lucky to meet, work with, and observe people who have the true values of Scrum at heart, and who do their utmost to make best use of what is “just a framework”.

So, what is FaceOofScrum.org?

faceofscrum.org is interested in how people play the 3 roles of Scrum Master, Product Owner and Development Team Members to contribute into making a successful interpretation of the Scrum Guide.

These people are the real face of Scrum for people in their teams and organisations to interact with.

The whole aim of faceofscrum.org

That’s right, I want to get to know people who do great Scrum, who have their own great ideas and ways of getting inspired and helping teams and organisations. I want to see how these people interpret simple questions on simple topics. I want to share these insights with all those of you interested in learning and growing in your application of Scrum, so that we can have more great people who build great teams.

– Matthew Croker

Mail me on: matthewcroker_AT_faceofscrum.org